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Move On

Life .. It is normally hurt and appreciated. In life, I never feel appreciated. Only God, parents, brother and he's always appreciated and give me spirit to survive. Without them, who are me now?

I live to follow the will of others. My life is arranged. I was not given the opportunity to enjoy themselves in the company of my life I love. We separated with a force that makes my life so messy. He's the most important people in my life. He made me feel like I needed. Lying in my arms growing calm anxieties.

I weathered the most difficult and happy with him. The first time she grasped my hand, I feel he is happiness for me. Smile spirit for me to face the days ahead. I was always prepared because I know he is always there with me. And will be forever with me.

What is the meaning of life without him by my side? 

I felt that there was no reason for me to continue my life. He is my life. Without him I am dead. 

They don't understand about my feelings.

Now, I'm trying to correct the damaged door to me out of the room full of suffering. Enough suffering that I went through over the years. Not coupled with a very painful affliction.

I want you to know that I love you with all my heart.

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