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Love for Allah

Assalamualaikum Fellas.

While I'm were texting with my boyfie, suddenly, I received a message that touch my heart. And I would like share with all of you.

You might be married to the worst man on earth,
like Asiah who married with Firaun but it did not
actually changed her (her aqidah).

You might be married to the best man on earth,
example, the prophet of Allah, but it doesn't
mean you're going to the Jannah with him,
like the wife of nabi Luth a.s.

You might not married to any man,
like Maryam but Allah put you higher than other woman
on earth.

Put the love and trust on Allah,
and Allah is the main focus.
Ok, I gonna sleep now.
My pillow is wait for me.

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