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Illya and her Tutu

Early in the morning, Kak Ika a.k.a Illya's mommy ada inform saya.
She said, Illya's rainbow Tutu just arrive, but, she scared of her own tutu,
she actually cried when Kak Ika put the Tutu next to her.

Kak Ika cakap lagi, buat penat jak dia order that Tutu.
But, we have to force her to wear her Tutu.

As Illya didn't want to wear her Tutu.

My Precious Miscellaneous Illya

While waiting for my hubby to finish his work, so I'm gonna update my blog.
My blog is available now !

Illya woke up in the morning

I just wanna to see my Illya.
Huhh, she got a cute face on morning la. Dah la masa tu she belum mandi lagi.
Haha. But, saya masi nampak kecomelan di muka nya.

'Mommy, I wanna eat by myself '

Yang saya terkejut, rupanya, Illya kalau nak kna bagi makan, mesti ada Tab kat depan dia.
Dia dah faham nak tengok Mickey Mouse kat Tab.

My precious Illya

Then, lately, after dia dah mandi, wangi-wangi, cute-cute, saya agkt dia, pastu, 
saya dan mommy dia pegi mengumpat dia la.
Tetiba pulak, dia marah then tangan dia pegi pukul meja.
Hamboi, pintar pulak adik spupu saya yg sorg nie.

Saya rasa macam nak bawak balik pulak Illya tu.
Cute sangat nie.

Illya, don't be naughty la syg.

With her mommy.

'Cute bah Illya kn ?'

Okeh, enjoy with Illya's photos.

Okeh, kakak love you, Illya !
Mmmuaahhh !



Everything is destroyed. Because of our own ego, all that will never come back again.
Love, warmth and your heart. Everything should be in my life.
You have become a part in my life. I love you in million ways.

I don't want to lose you. I don't want to miss you. And I am not willing to let you leave me.

I want us to face problems together. Although difficult, I still want to be along with you.
Frankly, I love you a whole my heart. I just want you to know, that I'm really love you.

I did not want to see you with another girl. Way, as you once said to me, if you are stuck with another girl,
how do I feel ?

I may die heard it from you. I did not expect you that you will betray me.
I am willing to sacrifice my life for you.
I don't want to let you suffered. Let me bear all the suffering.

Love for Allah

Assalamualaikum Fellas.

While I'm were texting with my boyfie, suddenly, I received a message that touch my heart. And I would like share with all of you.

You might be married to the worst man on earth,
like Asiah who married with Firaun but it did not
actually changed her (her aqidah).

You might be married to the best man on earth,
example, the prophet of Allah, but it doesn't
mean you're going to the Jannah with him,
like the wife of nabi Luth a.s.

You might not married to any man,
like Maryam but Allah put you higher than other woman
on earth.

Put the love and trust on Allah,
and Allah is the main focus.
Ok, I gonna sleep now.
My pillow is wait for me.